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Bombardier Offer

I would like to get an offer for repair or refurbishing of Alstom Bombardier TRAXX, TRAXX 2, TRAXX 2E and TRAXX 3 immerson cooled / tauchgekuehlten, invertor / convertor U3-Modules for the Bombardier modular product platform of mainline diesel-electric and electric locomotives.

For your quote request please answer the following questions.

    We are a refurbisher based in Germany. We repair and overhaul U3 converter modules which have been installed in TRAXX locomotives from Bombardier / Alstom / ABB.

    We can make new out of old for these series.

    DB Fernverkehr, DB Cargo, DB Regio,
    metronom und weitere Privatbahnen
    146.1Traxx P160 AC1
    146.2/.3Traxx P160 AC2
    146.5Traxx P160 AC2
    147Traxx P160 AC3
    185.0/.1Traxx F140 AC1
    185.2Traxx F140 AC2
    186Traxx F140 MS(2E)
    187Traxx F140 AC3
    Traxx F160 AC3
    188Traxx F160 MS3
    245Traxx P160 DE ME
    246Traxx P160 DE
    285Traxx F140 DE
    metrans386Traxx F140 MS(2E)
    SBB CargoSchweizRe 481
    Re 482Traxx F140 AC1
    Traxx F140 AC2
    Re 484Traxx F140 MS2
    BLS CargoRe 485Traxx F140 AC1
    Re 486Traxx F140 MS(2E)
    187Traxx F160 AC3
    Swiss Rail TrafficRem 487Traxx F160 AC3 LM
    CFLLuxemburg4000Traxx P140 AC1
    TrenitaliaItalienE 483Traxx F140 DC
    E 494Traxx F140 DC3
    Hector RailSchweden241Traxx F140 AC2
    Green CargoReTraxx F140 AC2
    RenfeSpanien253Traxx F140 DC
    PKP, Przewozy RegionalnePolenEU43Traxx F140 MS(2E)
    MÁVUngarn480Traxx P160 AC2
    Cargo NetNorwegenCE 119 (El 19)Traxx

    We would therefore like to thank you once again for answering our questions.

    As soon as we have received your request, we will contact you.